Monday, May 26, 2008

Football News: Torres to Chelsea

Torres to Chelsea reports of a 50 million pound bid

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres Liverpool English Premier LeagueAccording to reports Chelsea are set to launch an astonishing 50 million pound bid for Fernando Torres. Torres is allegedly one of the players identified by Avram Grant before his departure, and Chelsea are set to pursue Torres despite being managerless.

Giving it the 'insiders' line, the papers are saying Liverpool may sell to fund the squad rebuilding, and to allow Hicks to take complete control. Safe to say there would be one hell of a public order problem on Merseyside if the club agreed to this. There'd be meeeerrrrddder!

Footy Focus really can't see this as anything other than fantasy. No one in their right mind would sell Fernando Torres to Chelsea. Even Hicks whose financial model depends on success on the pitch, wouldn't countenance such a deal. Would he....?

Fernando Torres to Chelsea, not a chance!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Football News: Liverpool given Bentley Hope

Bentley to Liverpool hint, transfer may just be on

David Bentley has given his strongest hint yet he may be prepared to leave Blackburn to further his career.

Speaking in the News of the World he stated that while he may have had a good season at Blackburn, he considers himself to have achieved nothing yet. Displaying fierce ambition, he openly stated his desire to replace David Beckham in England's midfield, and to play at the very top in Champions League games.

Given that the Champions League qualifiers are known before the start of each season ie Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea, it all points to one thing. Also given that the club linked most heavily with him is Liverpool, it seems the path towards Anfield has started.

Expect to now see more 'sources' stories linking the player with Anfield. From Blackburns point of view, a wad of cash plus Jermaine Pennant wouldn't be a bad deal at all.

Personally I'd love to see him at Anfield. Pennant has the talent, but not the mental toughness or maybe iron-willed desire to succeed at the top. Bentley to Liverpool would do very nicely!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Football News: Chelsea's Lampard to Inter Milan mystery

Chelsea's Frank Lampard is linked with Inter Milan on Champions League eve
Chelsea's Frank Lampard was at the centre of an astonishing row with Chelsea last night, as Inter Milan claimed they had lined up a transfer for after the UEFA Champions League final. Inter Milan even went to the effort of quoting the contract they have lined up for the Chelsea midfield star.

Reports from Italy now cite Lampard's move from Chelsea to Inter Milan as a 'when' not 'if', and it all adds to the weight of Jose Mourinho being the next Inter Milan manager.

Peter Kenyon was incensed when he heard, and rang Abramovich to ensure no deal had been going ahead without his knowledge.

Seems to Footy focus there is no smoke without fire. Chelsea had better prepare themselves for the inevitable, Lampard is transferring to Inter Milan!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Football News: Liverpool Malouda link

Football News: Liverpool linked with 10 million move for Malouda
Liverpool have today been linked with a 10 million pound move for Chelsea's out of sorts Florent Malouda. Some sites even report that talks have begun with his agent, which seems to be jumping the gun a bit to us.

Interesting this one. Malouda is quality, but clearly struggled in the Premier League.... a bit like Ryan Babel but without the excuse of youth. If it meant Liverpool could play Babel somewhere he looks a bit more comfortable, then great he'd be worth getting, especially if it doesn't get too expensive.

Whether he's the missing link in Liverpool's title bid I don't know, but one things for sure, Malouda surely can only be more creative than what Liverpool have got now. Pennant, Babel and Benayoun are better than before but still collectively not good enough.

Florent Malouda to Liverpool will be big news in football if it comes off and may well turn out to be a really smart move!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Liverpool: Fernando Torres to get better?

Liverpool's Fernando Torres could be even better in his second season

Fernando Torres Liverpool Spain English Premier LeagueBeen a keen watcher of Fernando Torres this season. He is truly the best centre forward Liverpool have had since Ian Rush. As faster as Owen, as good a finisher as Fowler, and as strong as Collymore he's the nearest thing to a complete centre forward Liverpool have had in decades.

Question is though, will Torres be as good next year? Defenders will have worked him out a bit (though you can't work out sheer pace!), teams will plan tactics on stopping him, and he's yet to get a bad injury.

We at Footy Focus think Fernando Torres will be better than ever. He'll have a year under his belt and will feel a lot more settled and confident. He's proved he can handle the physical aspect of the league, and if Rafa gets it right in the transfer market, Torres will be playing in a more balanced team, with one or two better players.

The key for Liverpool is to buy at least one player of the same class as Fernando Torres and Stephen Gerrard, and hope that Ryan Babel comes through after his debut season. Too often Liverpool's attacking threat consisted of Torres and Gerrard only, with poor support from the likes of Babel, Pennant, Kuyt, Voronin and Kewell.

Footy focus is a huge fan of Fernando Torres and can't wait for his second season, but Liverpool oh so desperately need another of his calibre!

Football Transfer Time!: Liverpool News

Football Transfer time as Liverpool aim for early news
Rafael Benitez is aiming to get off to a flyer now its football transfer time. The early movers have long been touted in the papers, but where it really gets interesting is beyond that.

Kewell, Crouch, Riise, Pennant, Alonso and Carson are all gone or very likely to be going. Football's worst kept secret of the much touted transfer to Liverpool of Gareth Barry is likely soon to come to it's inevitable conclusion. The transfer of Swiss right-back Phillip Sendgren is also a done deal.

After that it becomes a bit murky on who Benitez is after. David Bentley seems a certain transfer target, though as he's English he won't come cheap. Another mentioned in dispatches, that won't be the glamour winger the Liverpool fans are seeking, is Wigans Ecuadorian Valencia.

Other football big names for transfer that have been mentioned are Joaquin, from Spain, Daniel Alves (again!), and David Villa. Also now Newcastle's James Milner, and as usual Michael Owen are being mentioned as potention transfer targets.

Seems to us it all depends on how the Board room battle goes. Benitez has obviously been given a big enough kitty to his liking, despite the Board room wars. Also he's got some decent football players to sell, with the above mentioned likely to raise in the region of 35 million plus in transfer fees. That plus a 20 mill kitty gives him a cool 55 million to spend! That should easy get him Barry (10 mill), David Villa (25 mill), and Bentley (15 mill)!

Football transfer time is always an interesting time of year. Lets hope Rafa pulls another Torres out of the hat this year!

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