Monday, May 12, 2008

Football Transfer Time!: Liverpool News

Football Transfer time as Liverpool aim for early news
Rafael Benitez is aiming to get off to a flyer now its football transfer time. The early movers have long been touted in the papers, but where it really gets interesting is beyond that.

Kewell, Crouch, Riise, Pennant, Alonso and Carson are all gone or very likely to be going. Football's worst kept secret of the much touted transfer to Liverpool of Gareth Barry is likely soon to come to it's inevitable conclusion. The transfer of Swiss right-back Phillip Sendgren is also a done deal.

After that it becomes a bit murky on who Benitez is after. David Bentley seems a certain transfer target, though as he's English he won't come cheap. Another mentioned in dispatches, that won't be the glamour winger the Liverpool fans are seeking, is Wigans Ecuadorian Valencia.

Other football big names for transfer that have been mentioned are Joaquin, from Spain, Daniel Alves (again!), and David Villa. Also now Newcastle's James Milner, and as usual Michael Owen are being mentioned as potention transfer targets.

Seems to us it all depends on how the Board room battle goes. Benitez has obviously been given a big enough kitty to his liking, despite the Board room wars. Also he's got some decent football players to sell, with the above mentioned likely to raise in the region of 35 million plus in transfer fees. That plus a 20 mill kitty gives him a cool 55 million to spend! That should easy get him Barry (10 mill), David Villa (25 mill), and Bentley (15 mill)!

Football transfer time is always an interesting time of year. Lets hope Rafa pulls another Torres out of the hat this year!


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