Sunday, September 14, 2008

Arsenal Premiership: Blackburn given a lesson

Arsenal Premiership: Class gap a chasm as Blackburn given the run-around

Cesc Fabgragas ArsenalArsenal and their Premiership ambitions were given a huge boost after this performance. Star of the show, was England man Walcott.

Walcott’s pace and vision made the opening goal for Robin van Persie and his continual pacey runs constantly showed up the immobile Blackburn defence and midfield. Arsenal confirmed that more than ever the Premiership 'big four' and the rest have a massive gulf in class.

Walcott's substitution in the second half left it to Emmanuel Adebayor, who promptly helped himself to a hat-trick. You got the thought, that this game may even have prompted Ince to even consider the possibility of switching to the basket case that is St James’ Park.

However at Blackburn, he at least has his fate in his own hands here and you don't meet Arsenal storming the Premiership every week.

Walcott apart, Arsenal went coasted through the game and passed their way past Blackburn with a minimum of physical or mental effort.

Blackburn briefly sensed they were still in contention only for Adebayor to deliver a reality check after a glorious phase of possession by Arsenal just before half-time. That made it 2-0 and there was only one outcome after that.

Arsenal really will be a Premiership force again this season, despite the higher resources of rivals. You can't help thinking that the Premiership is lucky to have a club like Arsenal to act as a counterbalance to the unseemly way some clubs are run. Arsenal are a club truly built on the values of the beautiful game!


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